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Tips to pack luggage on holiday in Vietnam

Effective Ways to Pack Your Luggage
Women always spend so much time on deciding things they really need to put on their luggage. They have many things to bring on your vacation in Vietnam and not many women keep enough keenness to select useful items. Even a lot of them feel crazy about it! The following ways which have worked for many experienced female travelers will help women decrease stress on packing their suitcase!
  1. Consider about a color-of-the-week in order that one pair of shoes is really needed. We have one color plan: Red for the week thus you only need red shoes. If you leave for the airport on Tuesday morning, the one pair of shoes you need is already on our feet, which makes it even more comfortable.
  2. Two or three pairs of alternative trousers for the week (for example, blue trousers for Tuesday/ Friday, brown trousers for Wednesday/ Saturday) with changing colored tops, jackets or scarves. Two-side skirts are also wonderful because they can be worn 2 times with different tops, and nobody realizes that you wear the same skirt on as a previous day.
  3. Have a pair of jewelry things which are combined with garments above, which makes you so strange-looking and really impressed every day. If you get a tiny jewelry pouch, it will help you hold items and stop from tangling. You should only put custom jewelry in your suitcase in order that you finish checking your suitcase and you do not feel anxious about luxury jewelry lost.
  4. If your suitcase does not have a fold-out section for you to put your garments, after that roll them up, which helps to save space and to make clothes not to wrinkle. Of course, just in case of wrinkles.
  5. You should buy a bag for packing your makeup items! There are many kinds of size for you to choose, which depends on your necessities. For example, some people buy tiny travel-size containers, others buy full-size containers and they have private reasons to select the kind of bag they want. Getting a bag for packing your cosmetic and makeup items will help you hold them tightly and not to disappear.
  6. Need to have all personal care things in 3 oz. sizes or less in order that they meet the demand of the airport’s TSA- security. You realize that everything you really need on website (a great suggestion for you) and they ship for free if your order is over $20. Their items are various and the prices are affordable to regional shop.
  7. Take a family photo or a temporary greeting card into your suitcase and place them on your hotel room nightstand. They do not makeup space in your Suitcase and look them every morning and night will raise warm emotion and keep you contact with your home.
7 ways above are useful information we summarized to update for all of you. We hope that you do not waste time to read and you can find some tips to support you in your vacation in Vietnam. However, it is just an example of packing a suitcase smartly. To help you have some more meaningful advice, we continue to give you another suggestion in how to pack a suitcase! And if you need to bring more items as usual, so please read some tips to put more items in your luggage:
  • Roll your garments
    Everybody from the flight attendant to military members both understands this skill: Rolling your garments is the most effective way to fit the most in a luggage. In addition, rolled garments tend to wrinkle less than folded garments.
  • Place something inside your shoes
    Shoes make up much space inside your luggage. Let them do double duty in one by packing them full of tiny things like jewelry, ties or socks and underwear. Put your shoes on their side to the biggest area.
  • Zip and add more something
    You think that your suitcase is full of items and you cannot stuff anything on it. Do the following step, you will have more space to put something more. Try closing and zipping your luggage completely even you have to sit on it to make it work. After that, you reopen your luggage and attempt to add the things in any available spots (corners, areas among bigger things, and so on). Sometimes, when you press the luggage by zipping it, you will realize that it just makes up a little bit space when you open it one more.
  • Save area with travel space bags
    You possibly buy wonderful space-saving bags which can shrink big and complicated garments (like sweaters and jackets) into a tiny, sure-fire unit. Have the travel version of these bags and you will save area and hold your garments arranged and wrinkle-free. Common zip-lock bags in many kinds of size can be utilized to gain the same effect for much less money.
  • Use packing folders
    A replacement to space-saving bags and packing cubes, packing folders usually come with a board, which support you to fold garments usefully and connect multiple things to save area. For example, the 18-inch keeps nine to 12 things including bigger clothes. Your luggage will be well-ordered and seem emptier!
  • Get an enlarged suitcase
    This is the most suitable way to put more into your suitcase is to have a luggage which increases with your packing demand. Enlarged suitcase doubles as two bags in one, sometimes beginning to carry on size but increasing to a bigger bag once needed.
Do you have any clever tips for packing more items in your suitcase? Please tell us in the comments section. We hope that the information we provide will help you have a wonderful vacation in Vietnam when you do not mind how to pack a suitcase effectively!