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Script your Business into the Cloud

CloudSocket idea

The project aims to encompass a "hybrid process" modelling framework that reconciliates semantic inference, rule-based inference, meta-modelling management techniques and knowledge management techniques in order to bring SMEs closer to the Cloud by making it attractive for them to incorporate cloud resources and components for their realization of their goals. The proposed framework implements a layered approach for managing the complexity of bridging the semantic distance from business process to workflow configuration of Business Processes in the Cloud.

(1) A Knowledge-Based Approach: For bridging the gap between the business and IT level and enabling the presentation of monitoring results and other type of evaluation suggestions at the business level.

(2) Business Processes in the Cloud: To deal with their management and deployment through defining and executing self-adaptive workflows in multi-cloud environments. The management of business processes, by including the monitoring and evaluation of KPIs and SLOs, also involves their respective adaptation via executing adaptation rules to sustain the service levels promised to the business process customers.

(3) Substanstial SME support: CloudSocket aims to provide business solutions to the SME market which can be offered in an open and interoperable way. A particular focus is on startups which desire not to invest in their own infrastructure but concentrate mainly on developing their business. Thus, as a business is modified and progressed in the course of time, the respective IT services have to be flexibly adapted and this will be definitely supported by CloudSocket.


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The CloudSocket project receives research funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

Coordination: BOC, Dr. Robert Woitsch,