CloudSocket as a Broker CloudSocket as a Broker


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  1. Identify your Market Potential: currently not available
  2. PLAN your Business Processes: Design
  3. BUILD your Business Processes: currently not available
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The Cloud Service Brokerage platform offers customers and their end users a service marketplace from which to select and provision BPaaS, SaaS and IaaS services. Behind the scenes, there is a middleware orchestrating the execution of services by also enabling their adaptation at the different possible levels (business, service and infrastructure). Such a middleware follows a Service Oriented Architecture and relies on REST APIs to expose the platform services offered to the front end, on a Process Engine to orchestrate the execution of BPaaS services and on a lightweight Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to integrate third-party services. 

Cloud service solutions are highly individualized and their behaviour may vary in unexpected ways, increasing the complexity of integration or composition, hence an adaptation framework is introduced. The CloudSocket framework will cover the entire lifecycle of brokering service products, from provisioning of tenants, users and applications/services, going through management of such entities and enriching these with product specific effects and operations abstracted in a generic way, all the while providing information about monitoring and metering events useful for the evaluation of KPIs and SLOs.