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Security Research

As defined by the European Security Research Advisory Board (ESRAB), security research includes "research activities that aim at identifying, preventing, deterring, preparing and protecting against unlawful or intentional malicious acts harming European societies; human beings, organisations or structures, material and immaterial goods and infrastructures, including mitigation and operational continuity after such an attack (also applicable after natural/industrial disasters)."

In the 7th EU Framework Programme (FP7), the objectives of the research theme "Security" include:

  • To develop the technologies and knowledge for building capabilities needed to ensure the security of citizens from threats such as terrorism, natural disasters, and crime, while respecting fundamental human rights and privacy.
  • To ensure optimal and concerted use of available and evolving technologies to the benefit of civil European security;
  • To stimulate the cooperation of providers and users for civil security solutions;
  • To improve the competitiveness of the European security industry; and
  • To deliver mission-oriented research results to reduce security gaps.



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