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Critical infrastructure protection

Critical Infrastructure protection (CIP) refers to the tasks needed to secure the proper function of any system and asset that is considered as vital to a country and whose incapacity or destruction would have a debilitating impact on their physical or economic security or public health or safety. This set of systems and assets are usually known as Critical Infrastructures.

In the EU, the legislative framework for the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP) is the EU COM(2006) 786 final.

Protection encompasses “all activities aimed at ensuring the functionality, continuity and integrity of critical infrastructures in order to deter, mitigate and neutralise a threat, risk or vulnerability”.

Required activities and respective investments in protective measures and capabilities are defined in a decision framework that includes sectoral analysis, identification, characterization and evaluation of threats, assessment of vulnerabilities to specific threats, evaluation of interdependencies among infrastructures, and risk assessment.



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