FOCUS Project Objectives:

FOCUS will allow designing European security research to effectively cope with future EU roles responding to tomorrow's challenges resulting from the globalization of risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

The main contribution of the FOCUS project is the development of effective long-term prediction and assessment tool at an EU level that is populated with analyses done in the project. Moreover, it will deliver tangible products (such as an IT-based Knowledge Platform) and contents (as a roadmap) for planning of research and deciding on priorities. These products are usable beyond the project.

FOCUS will achieve the following six objectives, building upon each other:

  • Identify alternative sets of future tracks for security research in FP7 and subsequent programmes, supporting EU roles to deal with exogenous threats, risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Elaborate on the concept of transversality in assessing evolving needs for research across traditional disciplines, presently defined mission areas and throughout the security continuum.
  • Design and apply a specific scenario approach ("embedded scenarios"). Base it on foresight to ensure openness, participation and inclusiveness (e.g. involvement of societal stakeholders), explicitly addressing security perceptions and security in relation to other values.
  • Produce an IT information infrastructure (by adapting existing information technologies) that will make material and tools for scenario planning of security research available to knowledge communities.
  • Enhance transparency, improve understanding and increase preparedness for the emerging challenges of the "external dimension" and the "external-internal continuum" of security and the evolution of security research.
  • Contribute to the planning of security research beyond ESRAB and ESRIF, based on foreseen EU roles rather than on pre-defined missions.

In the framework of these objectives, FOCUS scenarios are on the level of strategic forward thinking "on hold", to increase ability to cope with alternative futures in the world of 2035. The scenarios do neither predict future, nor do they state normative desired futures or "wishful thinking". They represent the results of the multiple foresight conducted by FOCUS. The level of application of the scenarios is strategic EU roles and strategic levels of research planning.

According to the task at hand, the scenarios do not address postures for specific crisis management missions. However, FOCUS explores its scenarios foresight approach and results/products, including the IT-based Knowledge Platform, for possible use beyond the immediate scope of the project. In this context, end-user posture scenarios are addressed.

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