2013/03/31 The FOCUS project is now completed.


2013/03/31 FOCUS Deliverable 2.3 now online, descibing the final version of the IT-based Knowledge Platform to support planning towards "Security Research 2035" 


2013/03/27 FOCUS Final project summary report online


2013/03/18-19 End-of-project website update: Final version of European Security (Research) Glossary and online implementation of a light verison of the FOCUS roadmap proposal for the planning of "Security Research 2035"


2013/03/14 FOCUS Final Symposium report online


2013/03/10 End-of-project website update: Consolidation and inclusion of content from final results

2013/02/03 Website update: General review and addition of features 

2013/02/03 Website update: Documentation of FOCUS Final Symposium

2013/01/19-26 General website & wiki review and updates

2013/01/10 FOCUS Final Symposium programme update

2012/12/21 FOCUS Final Symposium programme update


2012/12/19 General website & wiki review and corrections


2012/12/04 Various updates


2012/11/26 FOCUS on future critical infrastructure and supply chain protection

The public version of FOCUS D5.3 is now online, presenting alternative futures of security research for critical infrastructure (CI) & supply chain (SC) protection. Several thematic tracks for future security research are identified. These are mainly focused on: analysis of interdependencies of CI≻ data integration and visual
ization tools in order to facilitate monitoring and decision taking related to CI≻ resilience of CI≻ adaptability of CI&SC to society; and education of individuals about the technologies that are behind CI&SC.

The deliverable also identifies and analyzes a number of cross-cutting fields of action for future research.




2012/11/13 All FOCUS scenarios are available online and also under implementation as wikis


2012/11/07 Link to implemented new developmental version of IT-based Knowledge Platform 

2012/10/26-27 Various updates and addition of documents links, including FOCUS reference scenarios for the planning of EU security research 2035


2012/09/13 Various updates, including FOCUS factory documents


2012/09/25 Publication of FOCUS scenario syllabus for security research 2035


2012/08/30-31 Comprehensive progress table update and deliverable uploads


2012/08/09-22 Various minor updates and corrections 


2012/07/01 FOCUS comprehensive progress table update and publication of Deliverable 4.2


2012/06/15 FOCUS Comprehensive Progress Table update and
publication of Milestone 4 document: Syllabus of scenarios the EU 2035 security roles


2012/05/05-11 FOCUS Website general review/UPDATE


2012/05/05 FOCUS Website  UPDATE

Sample of the process stepper, covering the Big Theme "Natural disasters and global environmental change" available online.

Public version of D3.3 - Scenarios for security research / comprehensive approach online.


2012/04/26 FOCUS Website  UPDATE

Update of Comprehensive Progress Table.


2012/04/20 FOCUS Website  UPDATE

Launch of new foresight questionnaires.


2012/04/10 FOCUS Website  UPDATE

Publication of FOCUS project newsletter #3.


2012/03/31 FOCUS Website  UPDATE

Full documentation of the FOCUS Mid-term Symposium and Winter School added; project progress table updated.


2012/03/24 General UPDATE


2012/03/15 General UPDATE an inclusion of participation in the network of the European Foresight Platform (EFP)


2012/03/15 General UPDATE and inclusion of FOCUS Comprehensive Progress Table (suggestion from end-users)


2012/02/11 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Update of FOCUS Scenario Workbench, FOCUS Factory and FOCUS Mid-term Symposium programme.


2012/01/23 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Update of related projects and Winter School curriculum.


2012/01/18 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Website update by Coordinator.


2012/01/13 FOCUS Mid-Term Symposium programme online


2011/12/21 FOCUS Website UPDATE

FOCUS tool repertory and related projects update.


2011/12/14 FOCUS Website UPDATE

FOCUS events update.


2011/11/30 Launch of the first Working Version of the FOCUS IT-based Knowledge Platform

2011/11/27-29 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Website update by Coordinator:

Expansion on the description of the FOCUS method and first results

Opening of the FOCUS Factory space with working papers


2011/11/01 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Website update by Coordinator:

Listing and analysis of related projects

Tool repertory

FOCUS method


2011/09/01 Launch of the FOCUS Project Newsletter

2011/08/25 FOCUS Website UPDATE

Website update by Coordinator.


2011/07/01 FOCUS Website ONLINE

The FOCUS website just went online. Please provide your feedback and suggestions for improvement.








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