IT-based Knowledge Platform:

FOCUS objectives include the development of an IT-based Knowledge Platform, populated with studies done in the project and with tools developed or collected by the project, as well as with scenario information based on FOCUS foresight results. The immediate purpose of the platform is to support for planning of security research that is based on futuristic scenarios. Moreover, possible uses of the platform beyond the immediate purpose of the FOCUS project are being explored.

The main focus of the IT-based Knowledge Platform is to establish a structure where tools and scenario foresight instruments and results can be integrated and made accessible.

The IT-based Knowledge Platform is the central entry point/landing page and knowledge management site for IT-related tools and supporting environments for scenario foresight, following the FOCUS project methodology.

With the exception of some confidential content, the platform is accessible without user/password restrictions. For validation purposes and in compliance with data protection regulations as well as the FOCUS information security strategy, a token-based system is in place for scenario foresight questionnaires implemented on the platform. 


Knowledge landscape of the FOCUS IT Platform for support of scenario foresight-based planning for Security Research:

enlightened User guide

Deliverable 2.3
(full description of the IT-based Knowledge Platform)

enlightened Introductory PowerPoint presentation

Front end workbench of the FOCUS IT-based Knowledge Platform

FOCUS roadmap for the planning of "Security Research 2035" (light version)

The FOCUS roadmap proposal for the planning of "Security Research 2035" is geared towards  implementation of anticipated research requirements as they arise from the FOCUS reference scenarios, as well as from analysis of cross-cutting (cross-scenario) aspects and transversal issues that are scenario-independent. The roadmap moreover integrates other FOCUS results, and its provides a knowledge landscape for the systematic selection of FOCUS content and results.

Full version of the FOCUS roadmap (for registered users)
Reference scenarios wiki
Big Theme wiki:
Comprehensive approach
Big Theme wiki:
Natural disasters and global environmental change
Big Theme wiki:
Critical infrastructure and supply chain protection
Big Theme wiki:
EU as a global actor based on the wider Petersberg tasks
Big Theme wiki: EU internal framework (& EU homeland security)
Scenario knowledge process stepper Scenario knowledge process stepper Scenario knowledge process stepper Scenario knowledge process stepper Scenario knowledge process stepper
FOCUS document pool - Sources, data and proof of concept
(restricted access due to different levels of dissemination/clearance for public release, following the security scrutiny process)
Scenario syllabus wiki for roles of the "EU 2035" as a security provider
Scenario syllabus wiki for "Security Research 2035" to support "EU 2035" security roles
Scenario and scenario foresight process descriptions
Scenario foresight tools repertory
Scenario foresight questionnaire repository
Information, requirements and results from related projects
European Security (Research) Glossary (ESG)

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