FOCUS Project Overview:

Acronym: FOCUS

Project Title: Foresight Security Scenarios: Mapping Research to a Comprehensive Approach to Exogenous EU Roles

Objectives: FOCUS will help shape European security research to enable the EU to effectively respond to tomorrow's challenges stemming from the globalization of risks, threats and vulnerabilities. FOCUS will concentrate on alternative future EU roles to prevent or respond to incidents situated on the "borderline" between the internal and external dimensions of the security affecting the Union and its citizens. It will do so by elaborating multiple scenarios, based on IT-supported foresight, in the form of alternative futures. These will be plausibility-probed versus mere threat scenarios. The main contribution of FOCUS is to develop an effective long-term foresight and assessment tool at the EU level, populated with the analyses carried out by the project. Moreover, FOCUS will deliver tangible products (such as an IT-based Knowledge Platform) and contents (e.g., a roadmap) for planning research and deciding on priorities. These products are usable beyond the project.


FOCUS Usable Output:

FOCUS Sustainability:
FOCUS collections of results, such as this project website and its downloads section, as well as the IT-based Knowledge Platform and its wikis remain available after the lifetime of the project.
To take part in FOCUS follow-ups and discussion of results, join the FUSER ("FUture SEcurity Research") group on Xing.

FOCUS Project Facts:

Call: FP7-SEC-2010-1, work programme topic 6.3-2 "Fore sighting the contribution of security research to meet the future EU roles"

EU Grant Agreement N°: 261633

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Alexander Siedschlag, Sigmund Freud University Vienna,
CEUSS | Center for European Security Studies

Total Cost: € 4,372,012
Total EU Contribution: € 3,407,075
Starting Date: 01/04/2011
Ending Date: 31/03/2013

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Special issue dedicated to FOCUS results - now available online